A Whole New Way of Thinking About Anxiety and Freedom by Michael Stenhagen
This time I want to talk about a whole new way of thinking about anxiety and freedom.
The inspiration comes because I have helped many clients come over anxiety, as well as social anxiety, and overcome social barrieres in social media, where it is most important market yourself and your own business. I help you get a different relationship to your thoughts about anxiety, and really get less self conscious about being visible in social media. I also put in freedom there, because people need to understand where freedom really comes from. Its a state of mind, but it helps to know it also in your own body. A sense of freedom is the absence of worry and fear, and it is easier to create and produce from your own inspired thoughts, when you know you are already free. That freedom is our natural state of mind. 
What you will learn:
• Feel lighter
• Less anxiety, a different relationship to it 
• Better understanding of where freedom is coming from 
About Michael
He works in his own company as a Transformative coach, author, speaker, seminar leader. Come from Oslo Norway, grew up there, adopted from the Philippines, so you get a sense of who you will come and listen to. He loves entrepreneurs, and people in general have fresh ideas, create incredible impact, and profit from stronger performance. By helping his clients access the untapped potential of their minds, they find new levels of harmony, while still having a rich and fullfilling wok and home life. Michael had written the Norwegian book Bli, the english book Find your authentic sales style, among others, and currently on two new book projects.