How to Automate Business Event Poster by Nate Ginsburg
Coaching current business owners on how they can find flow, automate their business, unplug from operations to refocus and scale the business with his agency, SellerPlex, Nate is here is for you!
In this presentation, we go over:

1.How to commit to your vision

2.Building your rockstar organization

3.Why your finances need to be ‘on point'

4.What to do in order to maximize your business value

5.To exit or not to exit? What to do when you and your business are in ‘FLOW

6.The importance of core systems and standard operating procedures, aka SOPs

What you will learn:
• The importance of automating your business
• What it means to unplug and work on your business vs in your business
• Scaling opportunities that open up when you automate and unplug
Nate has scaled three Amazon FBA businesses to 7 figures in sales and exited one for $950,000 along with his partner. He is now a partner investor in 4 other businesses scaling them up to 5x in less than 2 years while consulting other entrepreneurs on how to automate, unplug, and scale. When Nate is not building businesses, he’s either doing yoga, muy thai, biking, or participating in Burning Man.