Fl!p Your Journey to Freedom & Success by Bruce Molloy
Deep down you may know where you want to be in life or business, but something is blocking it?
Perhaps it’s YOU!
Fl!p your journey to freedom and success takes you through the process of learning to let go of the stuff that gets in your way. This mindfulness technique frees you from indecision, limiting beliefs and other obstacles that stops you from leading the life you want. You will discover how your negative internal dialogue can be a major barrier and you will learn a simple technique to quieten your mind. Founder and FL!P master, Bruce Molloy, will show you how to use a simple coin to get you unstuck. You just have to be willing to surrender to this horrifyingly liberating process. If you’ve ready to commit to the life you’ve been dreaming of. then FL!P is for you. Oh, bring a coin!
What you will learn:
• Practical techniques to free your mind
• A horrifyingly liberating experience
• Insights into what keeps you stuck and how to silence the negativity within
A writer, coach and trainer whose career began with graphic design, commercial photography and web design.  His passion for community development and the environment led him to develop a permaculture consultancy where he inspired thousands through educational programs for residents, schools, and communities. Living between Australia and Indonesia, he fulfils his passion as a scuba diving instructor and photographer, alongside his coaching services with retreats and workshops. He offers training, and development based on the principles of his first book, FL!P Your Journey to Freedom – Mindful Decision Making: Learning the Skills to Free Your Mind