3 Keys To Making Money On Instagram by Sara Kas

Feel like you’re speaking into a void on IG? Not being seen by your ideal clients? Losing out on making sales, and converting followers to clients? I get it’s super frustrating, especially when you hear that to get clients on IG, “you need a phD in hashtags, 10k followers, to post every day, or pay to play” That’s utter BS. 


The number ONE, hands down BIGGEST mistake I see coaches and entrepreneurs making time and again, is not having a dialed in bio that converts and lands ideal clients in their DM. You are wasting time spending hours writing copy for your captions, and searching for hashtags if the prime real estate that is your bio isn’t on point. If you’re tired of losing out on IG sales, if you want the algorithm to work for you, if you want your ideal clients to see your page, then you need theese elements on your page! We will walk through exactly on what needs to be there, what doesn’t, live strategy for 3 people who attend, plus Q&A on all things Insta.  


Come to this workshop and walk away with a profile that leads to more sales, more paying ideals clients, and more visibility. We will walk through exactly +What needs to be there, what doesn’t +Live strategy for 3 people who attend. Plus Q&A on all things Insta. 



1. Not lose out on making sales on IG,

2. Convert followers to clients,

3. Get ideal clients DMing you


Sara Kas is an Instagram Strategist for 6-figure leaders, coaches and entrepreneurs. She specialized in leveraging the platform for lead generation with their target market, create visibility in their niche and global impact.