Dream Big AF by Tok-Siih
"Living your fullest potential? By far nope. And you 
know that. I am here to experience with you to dream, think, act and become bigger than you ever could imagine. Big AF."
What you will learn:
• How to dream/think bigger than ever
• My tools to get over it
• Connection to other big dreamers
“i wanna share my experience and game-changing story to inspire and work out with you to become more than you could imagine. for a better world, a better living, more humanity and
finally nothing less than saving the world. saving the world AF.”
About Tok-Siih:
Kitesurfer, Double-Daddy, Superhero. 
10 Y history as a Brand Manager for a German clothing brand, TIPIYEAH since 4 years, Vanlife and at least setting up as a writer and photographer with an upcoming interview podcast/blog called hidden-perspectives.com. Throughout the past interviews (and 30 years of personal fuckups) his perspective of life changed completely and he finally realized that we all mostly living under our full potential. We almost hang out in our comfy zone. Or in comfy co work spaces. Thats great. He loves it. But there is more. More AF.